International Ticket Process

International Tickets Process

  1. An email and other advertisements will be placed to members advertising the availability of international tickets.

  2. There will be a closing date for applications to be submitted. This will be several weeks before the WRU closing date for applications by Clubs.

  3. Tickets can be requested by any Member.

  4. A Member is defined as any paid-up Member, Player, Players Parent (in the event the player is a mini or junior), Patron or Sponsor.

  5. Sponsors will receive personal contact from the Ticket Secretary to arrange their application.

  6. A member will have to request tickets for the required game by emailing the Ticket Secretary with their requirements using the email address

  7. Once a request is received by the ticket secretary, they will review if the application is valid in terms of the applicant being eligible as at 4, above.

  8. The application will also be reviewed in terms of the number of tickets requested, 4 being the usual maximum, subject to committee approval.

  9. Eligible applications will proceed to the ballot.

  10. The club will apply for tickets, subject to our maximum allocation based on the number of applications and any perceived additional demand.

  11. Priority will be given to those who applied on time.

  12. In the event of a dispute the decision of the committee is final.

  13. Home Tickets will be distributed electronically via the Principality Stadium App.

  14. Away Tickets will be distributed as per the instructions of the host nation.

  15. Electronic payment for all tickets falls when they are distributed.

  16. Members will receive notification of how to pay and how much by text message

  17. Once tickets are applied for, tickets cannot ordinarily be cancelled by the member.